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We Care  

Escambia County We Care was the #1 We Care Volunteer Physician Program in the State of Florida for 2005-2006. The We Care Program of Escambia County meets the specialty medical needs of our community's uninsured residents. The program is administered by the Escambia County Health Department and was founded by the Escambia County Medical Society.  The program fills a critical gap in healthcare access to those who otherwise would not receive care or would seek care in emergency rooms and further contribute to the current heath care burden of local physicians, hospitals and their communities. 

Only patients referred to the program by a physician are accepted by the We Care Program.

We Care has approximately 250 physician providers, three participating hospitals and 18 ancillary service providers that work together to help those who cannot help themselves.

There are benefits for physicians who participate in the We Care network to include:  sovereign immunity, reports provided on donated services, State of Florida Workman’s Compensation coverage and assistance with payment of medical licensure.  A physician has the right to accept or deny services to a patient for any reason.

Physicians Referral Form (128.7kb; pdf)

If you would like to be a part of the We Care provider network or need additional information, please call 850-484-5154.

Medical Reserve Corps

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). This website is designed to provide information about our MRC unit here in Escambia County.

The MRC is a component of the USA Freedom Corps, which President Bush created in 2002 in order to organize and build upon the spirit of volunteerism that arose from thousands of individuals and organizations following the tragic events of “9/11.”

Major local emergencies (floods, hurricanes, chemical spills, acts of terrorism, epidemics and other large scale events) can overwhelm local emergency health care resources. An MRC is a community-based, organized group of volunteers intended to supplement existing community emergency response systems.

The MRC is designed to provide an organized framework for emergency resources to work effectively in emergency situations. Its structure ensures that volunteers are deployed in a manner that is fully coordinated with the broader emergency response plans in our community. Moreover, the MRC will serve as a mechanism to ensure that volunteers have appropriate credentials for the assignments they undertake when the unit is activated.

The community is not the only benefactor. The volunteers themselves benefit in many ways. Among other things, volunteers are offered the opportunity to make a difference, the opportunity to network and interact with like-minded peers, and receive disaster and emergency response training opportunities (including CEUs).

The local MRC office is more than happy to answer your questions and/or provide you with more information. If you are interested in volunteering your time and services, please contact Jennifer Kentgen - Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator at
850-595-6683 ext. 218 or for additional information please visit Medical Reserve Corps - FAQS.

Medical Reserve Corps - FAQS

Training Radiation Professionals to Be Volunteer Risk Communicators for the Medical Reserve Corps (4.8mb; pdf)


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